Gatherings and meet-ups always call for the pizza from Marley Spoon!

Laughter is the brightest when the food is best and the best food sometimes is just a pizza! Out of cravings for pizza, me and best friend had a weekend to hang out together and on days like that, pizza is the easiest choice to make when we have a lot more plans to follow up. Coming across the Marley Spoon Rabattcode this time we really wanted to avail the discounts on them and then the pizza carvings never just arrive for one flavor at a time. So we went to the online store of Marley Spoon and there when looking at various flavors for pizza, one of the flavor that we selected was sweet potato pizza topped with onions and cheese and oh of coarse coming with the thin crust on our preference.

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When it comes to pizza, for my friends and family, nobody ever gets enough of it. So this was time when I could avail the best of Marley Spoon Gutschein and order pizza when it’s the most needed. When I placed my order on their online store, the delivery time that I was expecting was honestly, late but getting it delivered within forty five minutes of placing my order surprised me! It came all hot and fresh out of the oven right at my door step. We were all already glad about that.

The next flavor that we ordered was the chef’s special on that day and I let it be the choice of marley spoon. But the customization that we decided to make was extra thick cheese on top. Yes! The pizza came as told as I was expecting, it had a thick layer of cheese topped with fresh coriander and saucy and creamy texture from the inside. This one came the same fresh and hot as the first flavor did.

There are different recipes which you can choose from, however I suggest that you go with this one Krosse chicken legs with pasta salad and Zatar yogurt.

To my surprise, the topping of coriander did stay fresh that means they use garden fresh veggies because normally the topping don’t last long that are including of greens and herbs like coriander and mint. Ah! Such happiness it was to get the desired pizza delivered at my door step and that too within forty five minutes of total timing.

The best thing about placing the order on their online store was their accessibility of menu right on the home page, so I didn’t have to scroll down more. On weekends like this when friends are over and families are gathered together, the ultimate happiness jumps into the form of pizza for such foodies for us. And that’s why this was the best time to avail the Marley Spoon Gutschein so that we could have discount.

Please read terms and conditions before ordering

The discount that we availed was almost half the prize of their regular prices that was such a plus point for me to make everyone happy as well as making my pocket happy. Such evenings and get together meet ups for me always call for Marley Spoon’s incredible online services.

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